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Obtaining a PIN Number

For users who requires Direct Outward Dialing (DOD) facility, are required to obtain a PIN number. By using the following link, users can download the PIN Number Application Form .

Download PIN Number Application Form

1.   All permanent / contract employees of the university will be eligible to obtain a PIN number (authority code) for direc t outward dialing (DOD) facility.
2.   The procedure in allocating a PIN number is the following:
  i. The applicant fills the prescribed application form
  ii. The application is forwarded by Head of the Department/unit and the Dean / Registrar to the ICSU.
  iii. The Head of the Department is responsible for checking the accuracy of the application, in particular the university provident fund (UPF) number and the extension for which the PIN number is requested.
  iv. The ICSU will allocate a PIN number within a week and notify the applicant via internal mail.
3.   Heads of departments/units, academic staff and sub wardens will be provided the following allocations for making official calls:
  i. Heads of Departments/Units: Rs. 4000/=
  ii. Academic staff: Rs. 500/=
  iii. Sub-wardens of halls of residence: Rs. 500/=
4.   Any usage exceeding the allocation (if any) for official calls, will be deducted from the salary of the following month.
5.   Any adjustment of the allowance for official calls for a particular month should be approved by the Dean of the faculty, and the ICSU notified at the beginning of the month.
6.   The DOD facility may be provided to residences. However, all the charges for usage will be deducted from the salary.
7.   Monthly reports of usage will not be sent to individual users. However, all users are able to check their current usage by dialing 1515 or on the web. The web facility can be accessed by pressing Login button on the campus home page or directly at
8.   The telephone operators will not provide operator assisted outside calls to users who have been provided the DOD facility except in situations where the DOD facility is not available due to technical problems.
9.   If a PIN number is no longer used, the respective user is responsible for notifying the ICSU for invalidating the same. The user remains responsible for all calls made using the PIN number until such notification is made.
10.   The safekeeping of the PIN number is the responsibility of the user. If any abuse is noted, the user should notify the ICSU immedialetly. The user remains responsible for all calls made using the PIN number until such notification is made.



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