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Step 01

Download & install X-Lite. Click here to download X-Lite

Step 02

Configuring X-Lite

Step 03

Making Telephone calls
Configuring X-Lite
After downloading X-Lite, the first time the application is started, it will automatically configure the audio and video devices. Also X-Lite will give the option to configure the devices manually.
To configure the account, go to the SOFTPHONE menu and select Account Settings
Set following settings on Account tab at the appeared SIP Account window.
User ID


Use your PDN email account user name here. (i.e. the part before @ in your email address). This makes it possible for you to receive calls when the callers dial sip: You can also use any account name of your choice followed by the address of the machine you're currently logged on. Then you can receive calls if callers dial sip:[username]@[your-IP-address]


Enter '' here.


Enter your account password (if you used as Username above) or leave it balnk (if you used @ as Username above). When you leave it blank, (four *'s will be printed, that's OK.)
Display Name


This is what will be displayed on the called party's CallerID; e.g., your first and last name. Do NOT keep this field blank.
Authorization name


Leave this field blank.
Click OK to continue.
Making Telephone calls
Calling a PBX extension.
Dial the PBX extension number and press the Call button as per following picture



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