Landscape division

Mr. Asantha Bandara



The Main function of the Landscape Division is to design and implementation of new landscape and maintains existing landscape in the University Park according to landscape principles to provide an inspirational environment for the academic work and to enhance the aesthetic value of the University. Further the Division, also performs such tasks as maintaining plant nursery including trees, shrubs, ground covers, flowering plants and indoor plants; make floral arrangements for university functions ;conducting tree caring programmes to prevent decaying of trees due to termite attack; treating of wounds in trees to avoid further infection; felling of dead and hazardous trees and valuing them for tendering.

Application forms/ Information

Staff Members

  • YNTK Niyarepola – Senior Staff Management Assistant
  • BB Ariyasinghe – Senior Staff Management Assistant
  • TRMSB Thalpathawadana – Management Assistant III
  • EGRMDS Rathnayake – Management Assistant II
  • SPM Warallanda – Management Assistant III
  • WMSN Bandara – Management Assistant III
  • WGLK Samaraweera – Management Assistant III
  • MHAJM Perera – Management Assistant III
  • JK Arunasiri – Management Assistant III
  • DGRM Wijesinghe – Management Assistant III
  • MGPA Mathurata – Management Assistant III
  • PPBM Seneviratne – Management Assistant III
  • MGRS Ananda – Management Assistant II
  • LKBE Meegasthenna – Record Keeper I
  • WMS Wijesundara – Record Keeper II
  • RAL Erandi – Telephone Cum Receptionist II
  • MMPK Abesinghe – Management Assistant III
  • WAC Fonseka – Land supervisor
  • KMCNB Gnanathilaka – Technical Officer
  • AAUR Bandara – Bicycle Messenger 
  • MGPR Tharanga – Works Aid
  • RHNPK Wijerathne – Works Aid
  • HMH banda – Works Aid
  • WRN Priyadarshani – Works Aid
  • Mr. W.A.R.Anura Kumara (Landscape supervisor grade II)
  • Mr.K.R.Thampo (Landscape supervisor grade III)
  • Mr.U.G.K.S.Hurikaduwa (Landscape supervisor grade III)
  • Mr.J.M.R.A.B.Jayasundara (Landscape supervisor grade III)
  • Mr. W.M.C.P.Sumanarathna (Field supervisor grade III)
  • Mr.I.M.S.C.B.Senevirathna ( Managment Assistant grade II)