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Mr. R. Maheswaran

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The Main Library of University of Peradeniya is the oldest and the largest Academic Library in Sri Lanka. Its origin stretches back to 1921, the year in which it started as the Library of the Ceylon University College, Colombo with a valuable collection of late Arunachalam Padmanabha, son of Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam. In 1942 when the University became the fully fledged University of Ceylon, the Library was named the University of Ceylon Library.

Today the Main Library of the University of Peradeniya is housed in a seven storied majestic building which stands tall and grand at the angle of the senate building and the Arts block. It mainly contains the collections of materials in Humanities and Social Sciences in all three languages of our country. Being the hub of a well established and a well knit Library system which comprises of 8 branch Libraries, the Main Library of the University of Peradeniya is an Institution which is “more than a Library”. The manifold role it plays as an Academic Library, Research Library, Repository Library, and Archival Library and to a certain extent as a Museum and Art Gallery makes it distinctively different and unique from that of other University Libraries in Sri Lanka. It is a remarkable fact that the Main Library of University of Peradeniya from 1952 receives a copy each of all publications (excluding newspapers) printed in Sri Lanka and registered in the National Archives Department under the Printers and Publishers ordinance enacted in 1886 and revised in 1952. Donations, bequests, valuable collections along with special collections developed by the Library such as the Ceylon Room collection, Sinhala reserve collection, Tamil reserve collection and the Palm leaf collection add value to the Library and makes it the most sought after academic Library of our Nation.

The Main Library of University of Peradeniya is a harmonious mixture of Tradition and Modernity. While preserving the traditional aspects of knowledge, we offer the latest electronic resources, Internet facilities and other information services including more than 3500 e-journals for the University community. The friendly, qualified and committed staff of the Library system and the Library Management is ever willing to cater to the needs of our valued users.

The Library system as a whole strives to help the University to achieve its vision to be “a centre of excellence in higher education with national, regional and global standing” while taking part in its mission and upholding its values.

I invite you to make use of both physical and electronic information resources in various formats available in our user friendly Library system.