Local Supplies Division

Ms. W.H.A.D.Dilrukshi
Deputy Bursar


  • Receiving Authorized Request – Please Refer Annexure I for Authorization
    • (Please follow instructions given by the Internal Circulars issued by the University time to time)
  •  Checking for the Availability of Funds (If funds are not available request will be rejected


  • Get the Other Statutory Clearance
  • Appointing of Technical Evaluation Committee (if necessary) by the Relevant Authority


  • Assisting the Technical Evaluation Committee in
  • Finalizing of Technical Specifications
  • Finalizing of Commercial Terms and Conditions (Place of Supply,Packages, Risk of Damage,Payment and Invoicing,Quality, Guarantee,etc.)
  • Preparation of Bidding Documents
  • Selecting the Mode of Bidding (National Competitive Bidding/ International Competitive Bidding/ Limited International Bidding/ Limited National Bidding/ Shopping/Direct Contracting)


  • Select ing Type of Bidding (Single Stage Single Envelope / Single Stage Two Envelope/ Two Stage)
  • Calling for Quotations
  • Bid Opening
  • Assisting to the TEC in Bid Evaluation
  • Handling Technical & Commercial Compliance
  • Award the Tender to Lowest Evaluated Responsive Bidder
    • Contract Signing
    • Obtain Performance Guarantees
  • Contract Monitoring/Follow up
  • Maintaining Purchasing Records and Files
  • Invoice Verification
  • Payment Recommendation
  • Registration of suppliers

Application forms/ Information

  • Registered Suppliers for the year 2022


    -List of members for technical evaluation committees for the year 2022

    -Purchase request formats (FORM R-03, FORM R-02, FORM USC/R-01).

Staff Members

  • 1.     RaveendraRankothgedara

    2.     M.M.R Ekanayake

    3.     S.A.M Premasiri

    4.     D.R.B.L Dedunupitiya

    5.     A.P.D.S Gunarathne

    6.     H.M.S.V Rathnayake

    7.     N.B Mawalagedara