Marshals Office

Mr. W.A.A. Werahera

Chief Marshal


 What are main functions?

1) Overall supervision of student discipline, conduct & behavior
2) Daily briefing to VC, DVC & Registrar on student disciplinary matters
3) Liaise with CSO, Legal officer & Police in matters relating to students’ discipline

The Marshal shall be responsible to:

i. Assist the University Administration in the maintenance of discipline among the students of the University.
ii. Report to the Proctor regarding such acts of indiscipline.
iii. Report to the prescribed authority, if an offence against the by-laws or the Laws of the country has been committed by any student.
iv. Investigate into complaints of a breach of discipline within the University and report to the Proctor for appropriate action.
v. Assist the police in concurrence with the prescribed authority in maintaining public order within the University.
vi. Take appropriate measures to prevent the occurrence of any student unrest, ragging, etc., that will disrupt University activities.
vii. Be vigilant and monitor all student activities within and also outside the University premises where necessary.
viii. Act as liaison officer between the authorities and the students in instances of student unrest.
ix. In situations where a breach of discipline is noted, assist the Dean, Proctor, Warden and the Deputy Proctor to conduct inquiries.
x. In instances where a major offence is noted, prepare report in liaison with the Proctor, Deputy Proctor and/or Warden and report to the Vice-Chancellor for further action.

The Marshal shall have the following powers in order to carry out his duties:

i. Request from students for evidence of identity such as student record book and identity card, if and when necessary;
ii. Request for written statements and/or record statements from any person, including the students and the staff of the University, for investigation purposes, for offences against these By-laws or the Laws of the country within the University premises against the property of the University or a person;
iii. Take into custody any student who fails to abide by the instructions, and to deliver him/her to the prescribed authority forthwith;
iv. Any other power he/she may deem necessary to exercise in maintaining student discipline, harmony and interpersonal relations among students and between students and authorities. Any such action taken shall be reported to the prescribed authority forthwith.

• The services provided
• Whom the services are provided to?

A Marshal of the University shall have supervisory control over the discipline of all students within the University. For the purpose of maintaining the smooth functioning and harmonious environment of the University, the Marshal shall work in consultation with the Prescribed Authority and recommend preventive measures to the Administration.

The main objective of the Marshals Division of the University of Peradeniya is to contribute towards maintaining independent as well as peaceful and academic friendly environment which is suitable for education, research and academic purposes of undergraduates, researchers and academic staff of the University of Peradeniya.

The Division consists with a Chief Marshal, a Deputy Chief Marshal, eight male Marshals. Further under those eight marshals, there is one lady marshal for handling girls’ disciplinary matters, one professional counselor as a marshal and one marshal who has the ability to handle Tamil language. The Marshals Division is subjected to the direct supervision of the Deputy Vice Chancellor. The main function of Marshals (under the direction of the Proctor, the Deputy Vice Chancellor) is to maintain students’ discipline by being vigilant on their activities and behavior at Faculties, Centers, Halls of residence and common places.

Staff Members

1) W.A.A. Werahera – Chief Marshal
2) R. Gajaweera – Deputy Chief Marshal
3) M. Abeywickrama – Marshal
4) H.M.C.S.B. Wanniarachchi – Marshal
5) D.M.R.S. Dassanayake – Marshal
6) S.M.D.N.K. Senavirathna – Marshal ( Lady )
7) S. Satheeswaran – Marshal
8) S.P.L.P. Senanayaka – Marshal
9) K.G.S.L. Chandra – Marshal
10) R.M.J.J.B. Ranasinghe – Marshal