Collaborative Study in Sri Lanka Feasibility Study to Establish a Comprehensive "Sensor Based end to end Early Warning System" for Hydro-Meteorology Induced Disasters in Sri Lanka, Utilizing "Resilient Communication System" for Effective Disaster Management.

The Vice- Chancellor warmly welcomed the assembly and briefed the basic objectives of the meeting as to develop the collaborative studies between Japan and Sri Lanka.

Prof. Yasushi FUWA, Shinshu University Integrated Intelligence Centre, Japan, Dr. Masugi INOUE, Dr. Yasunori OWADA and Dr. Goshi SATO from National Institute of Information & Communications Technology, Japan and Mr. Tomoyoshi NISHIZUMI, Mr. Hideo HOYA from BHN Association, Japan represented the visiting delegation.

Brigadier Athula Ariyarathne, Director, Disaster Management Centre, Mr. Indika Rathnaweera, Head, Kandy Region, Disaster Management Centre, Prof. H.A. Dharmagunawardhana and Prof. Jagath K. Gunatilake from Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, University of Peradeniya represented the Sri Lankan counterpart.

At the discussion, the participants focused on how to prevent the natural disasters by utilizing sensor technologies and the ways to implement the initiative with the necessary involvements.

Consequently, the suggestion was inspired and presented to the assembly as to construct senor based towers within the areas of the University and selected schools to get the relevant information with regard to the natural disasters; which would help preventing those by such precautions.

The Vice- Chancellor, University of Peradeniya agreed to provide thorough support and assistance to the project and the project will be developed in the near future along with all the involved collaborative.   

The event was collaboratively organized by the Disaster Management Centre, Prime Minister Office and University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.
The discussion was held at the Office of the Vice- Chancellor, UoP.