Awareness Programme on Fire Safety

The General Services Division of the University of Peradeniya organized an Awareness Programme on Fire Safety with the guidance of the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Prof. S. H. P. P. Karunaratne, the Chairman, University Safety Committee. Safety officers were appointed from all the Faculties and the service divisions to identify safety needs of the particular places and to take immediate actions to face the current security Challenges. The awareness training on fire safety was conducted to those who were appointed as Safety Officers as well as for the members of the safety committee who have not participated for the previous safety training programme. The programme was held on 16th May 2019 at the Art Theater of the Faculty of Arts and was conducted by the resource persons from Fire Brigade of Kandy Municipal Council. The inauguration of the programme was graced by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya. The main objective of the programme was to provide awareness to the participants on the steps to be followed when at a fire. Both theoretical and practical knowledge was provided to all the participants, while providing practical knowledge on using fire extinguishers at an emergency situation.