The International Day of University Sports 2020 (IDUS)

The International Day of University Sports 2020 (IDUS), organized by Sri Lanka University Sports Association (SLUSA) in collaboration with UNESCO was successfully held on 20th September 2020 at the University of Kelaniya with the honorable participation of senior professor Janitha Liyanage, the Vice chairperson of University grants commission (UGC).

The International Day of University Sports officially proclaimed by UNESCO celebrated for the first time ever in Sri Lanka in grand scale. The event aimed at creating links between Universities and local communities with sports, Physical activity and healthy living.

Opportunities were granted for the participates to share knowledge on key issues relating to the development of sports and to improve awareness of the importance of sports.

In parallel to the IDUS, Inter University Sports Quiz 2020 was held on 1st of September 2020, with 150 selected University students’ registrations. The 3rd and 2nd places of the Quiz won by the students of University of Moratuwa while the 1st place won by E.M. Navodya Kumari Ekanayake, Faculty of medicine, (17/18 Batch) University of Peradeniya. Professor Tharaka Dassanayake Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine University of Peradeniya participated as one of the panelists for the first ever IDUS celebration in Sri Lanka.

The Instructors and Instructress participated the event representing University of Peradeniya with the president, vice president, the secretary of Sports Council and the representatives of University of Peradeniya.