Awareness Programme on Quality Assurance Activities for students
10th of December 2018  

Internal Quality Assurance Unit of University of Peradeniya organized an awareness programme on QA activities for students on 10th of December 2018 from 8.00 am onwards. Student representatives from all the 9 faculties of University were invited for the event. 45 students representing different faculties participated with the programme. The main objective of the programme was to raise students’ awareness about QA activities. Further the programme catered to aware students about their role in developing a Quality Culture in the university. There were two main sessions in the programme were facilitated by Prof. Prasad Sethunga and Prof. B.A.N Eranda. A feedback Session along with focus group discussions were also included in the programme. Almost all the students actively participated throughout the programme giving their comments and suggestions. Written feedback forms too were collected at the end of the programme.