Nature Explorations and nature conservations

University Explorers’ Club has been playing a major role in empowering the youth with adventure sports and Nature exploration throughout Sri Lanka. The Legacy of the club lines up with exploring nature, nature conservation, social work and apprehended leadership training.

Perachamps Interfaculty competition, Perachamps Inter school and Inter University competitions are organized every year with the idea of improving the awareness of adventure sports. Litter disposal programmes conducted in Sri paada and “Anuradhapura Pichchamal Poojawa” and Annual Cycle tour and school rehabilitation programme highlights the major social welfare activities done by University Explorers’ Club.

One day, two day and three day Explorations earmarks the Nature Explorations and Nature Conservations. Apart from them, Himalayan expeditions done over the past years have landmarked the excellence of the gigantic family. University Explorers’ Club is ready to celebrate its Golden jubilee in the next year commemorating the prominent history of itself.