The Annual Outreach Program of the Welfare Association, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Peradeniya  

Himbiliyakada Primary School in Handungamuwa Wasgamuwa National Park border was the destination for the 4th consecutive Annual Outreach Program of the Welfare Association of the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Peradeniya. The outreach program took place on 29th December, 2018 where the event consisted of two parallel sessions including the donation of educational necessities for the students attending the school as the first step followed by a health camp targeting the residents of the vicinity as requested by the principal of the school and the Grama Niladhari Officer of the area. School stationaries, clothes for uniforms, shoes, text books for next academic year were among the donations offered to all the students attending this school while a computer, printer and other teaching aids were also presented to this underprivileged primary school.

The subsequent health camp conducted by the medical officers and dental surgeons was seemed to be a timely need of the villagers as it was able to assess about 225 individuals at the end of the day and importantly a considerable number of suspected individuals for Chronic Kidney Disease and Hypercholesterolemia based on the screening blood tests for non-communicable Diseases (NCD) were identified. Those suspected individuals were referred for further medical management and consultancy accordingly and the rest of individuals who were identified with any medical or dental issues were assessed and treated as necessary.

The funds for obtaining the needful items for this program were mainly collected from the members of the welfare association and several well-wishers had also contributed their generous support including pharmaceutical items on behalf of this commendable program. Especially the team of Medical Officers lead by Dr. Wasana Kudagammana, Dental Surgeons of the Sri Lanka Dental Association Kandy Branch lead by its President Dr. Rasika Illeperuma, the mobile NCD screening service and the mobile dental clinic of the Ministry of Health and the Faculty of Dental Science, University of Peradeniya were truly impetus for the eventual success of the health camp therefore the particular professionals and institutes who contributed these services are immensely admired. Ultimately it was a great pleasure for all the members of the Welfare Association to witness the success of this collaborative effort and heartily thanks are due for all those contributed in various aspects.