Protect Nature Sri Lanka” – a new student magazine published by the Zoologists’ Association of University of Peradeniya

The Zoologists' Association of University of Peradeniya is proud to publish its first volume of the annual magazine “Protect Nature Sri Lanka”.

The magazine is published with two main goals in mind. Firstly, to provide University students a platform to publish their research and experiences with nature in any form they wish. The magazine accepts research articles, review articles, popular articles, short communications, case studies, perspectives, opinions, commentaries, book reviews, sighting records, observations, poems, drawings, cartoons, and nature photographs.

Secondly, but most importantly, to pass the message to the society, especially to the student community, that protecting nature should come above all other achievements we strive for in life. With agricultural revolution and industrial revolution, our planet has undergone huge environmental changes, which have had adverse effects on its inhabitants. Hence, we should consider it our ultimate and earnest responsibility to change the current trends that lead to such destruction. If we do not act now, with a serious thought to sustainable existence, our future generations will be hugely affected. We have to change our selfish and blind behaviour. What each one of us does to live in harmony with nature will have a long-lasting impact on the planet.

Through this magazine, the association wants the public to enjoy the beauty of nature, at the same time realize that some of our actions can cause tremendous harm to our one and only planet and that we need to take action to protect it.

The Association is thankful to all the authors for their informative, thoughtful and wonderful contributions. The first volume of the magazine contains research articles, small project write-ups, reviews, opinions, cartoons and nature photographs, contributed by first year to fourth year undergraduate students and postgraduate students of the Faculty of Science. The association hopes to receive contributions for the future volumes from nature lovers from all faculties in the University of Peradeniya.

The Association is grateful to Dr. Suyama Boyagoda, The Senior treasurer of the Zoologists’ Association, for encouraging the committee members of the association to publish this magazine, editing the articles and guiding throughout to make the magazine a reality. It also gratefully acknowledges Dr. Shalika Kumburegama, Mr. Gajaba Ellepola, Mrs. Chathurika Munasinghe and Dr. Piyumali Perara for reviewing articles. The student editors of the first volume were Ms. Poornima Kumari and Mr. Malinda Narampanawa.

Please send your contributions to Zoologists' Association, Department of Zoology, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka or to the E-mail address .