Special Notice : General convocation 2019 will be held on 22nd - 24th of February 2022

The Postgraduate Institute of Science Celebrates 25th Anniversary with a Special Edition of the Annual Research Congress.

The Postgraduate Institute of Science (PGIS)was established in 1996 based on an ordinance made by the University Grants Commission under section 18 with section 24A of the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978. It is a national institute that provides, promotes, and develops higher education in science.

The PGIS is attached to the University of Peradeniya and depends on the university to formulate and implement its academic programmes and the award of postgraduate degrees.

The institute strives to achieve its principal objectives to provide postgraduate training and facilitate research in different disciplines of science through

  1. 1. stimulating creative thoughts while making available existing knowledge in the chosen fields
  2. 2. providing an atmosphere where free intellectual activities can flourish
  3. 3. including a responsibility and sensitivity about the scientific and technological needs of the society

The PGIS offers masters degrees covering a majority of fields of the sciences. Moreover, it mentors M. Phil. and PhD students to provide their expertise to the national development, serving at research institutes around the country. In addition, PGIS has so far trained over 20,000 professionals through in-service training programmes, short courses, workshops, and outreach activities.

By the end of 2019, the PGIS has awarded nearly 2900 Ph.D., M.Phil. and M.Sc. degrees and 1245 postgraduate diplomas. In addition, there are 4426 students enrolled in 28 M.Sc. Programmes and 671 students in M.Phil. and Ph.D. research based Programmes.

The academic programmes of the PGIS are conducted through 11 Boards of Study, in close collaboration with the Faculty of Science, University of Peradeniya.

In 2021, the PGIS celebrates its 25th Anniversary. For twenty-five years, the PGIS has contributed to the field of science in Sri Lanka through quality education and innovative research. This year, the PGIS conducts its Annual Research Congress - RESCON - for the eighth consecutive year. Due to the current pandemic in the country, the technical sessions of RESCON 2021 will be held entirely online, and it is open to the public. Therefore, anyone interested in witnessing some of the cutting-edge scientific research implemented in Sri Lanka in the past year can connect with the technical programme by visiting www.pgis.pdn.ac.lk/rescon2021.

The PGIS research congress is a premier event in the academic calendar of scientists in Sri Lanka. It provides the opportunity for researchers to disseminate their findings and update their knowledge on cutting-edge scientific research. The scientific content of RESCON is organized into five themes;

1. Earth and Environmental Sciences
2. ICT, Mathematics and Statistics
3. Life Sciences
4. Physical Sciences
5. Science Education

The inauguration ceremony will be held at the PGIS, with Chief Guest His Excellency Holger Seubert, the Federal Republic of Germany Ambassador to Sri Lanka. The keynote speech by Prof. Sagarika Ekanayake, an eminent scientist in biochemistry. The inauguration ceremony will be broadcast live through YouTube and the RESCON website.

Technical sessions of the PGIS Research Congress will be held on Saturday the 30th of October and Sunday the 31st of October. Over 240 abstracts were submitted for the congress, and after a rigorous review process, 180 were selected for the event, making this one of the most extensive RESCON instalments. The presentations will be held in the format of a webinar.

This year, there will be an invited speech by Prof. Upul Wijayantha, an eminent scientist in sustainable energy and a professor in chemistry at Loughborough University, the United Kingdom. In addition, there will be five theme-wise invited speeches by five eminent scientists in the respective fields. The PGIS invites any academic/student interested in the presentationsto join online live for the technical sessions through www.pgis.pdn.ac.lk/rescon2021 on the respective dates.

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