Payment & Budgetary Control Division

Mr.W.A.G. Thusil Weerasekara Deputy Bursar
081 -2392415


  • Main functions of the payment division are certifying recurrent and capital payment vouchers and making all payments of the university (except faculties and centers).
  • Preparation and monitoring of annual budget of the university and make sure the use of the budget as an effective management tool .

Application forms/ Information

 Certification of payment will be done   by this division upon the authorization and approval are done.

  • Payment Voucher Formats –
      • For General Payments and for Imprests and Advances
      • For Overtime
      • For Payments of Traveling expenses

    Advance Request form

Staff Members

  • Mr. HMN Karunarathne Management Assistant III
  • Mrs. TMRGCN Kumari Management Assistant II
  • Mrs. YMYNSK Yapa Management Assistant III
  • Mrs. SAC Senanayake Management Assistant III
  • Mrs. EMMK Ekanayake Shroff III
  • Mr. APSK Abeysooriya Works Aid Supper Grade
  • Mr. GRK Janaka Book Binder Supper Grade