Welcome to the University Calendar 2023/24, your gateway to the bylaws, rules, regulations, and policies of the University of Peradeniya. To make navigation easier due to the extensive nature of these documents, we’ve provided direct links below. Explore each category for an introduction and access to the detailed documents:

University Policies

The University of Peradeniya has established twenty-three (23) policies aimed at upholding the highest standards, ensuring the safety and inclusivity of the University community, and aligning with national policies and frameworks. Each policy listed is identified by a unique policy number and has received approval from the University Council. For more detailed information on any specific policy, kindly refer to the provided web link, which provides access to the complete text of each policy document.

Chapter 38 - University Policies

1. Revised Policy Decisions on Deferment of Registration and Leave of Absence for Registered Students

2. Intellectual Property (IP) POLICY

3. Sexual or Gender-based Harassment and Sexual Violence (SGBV)

4. Environmental Policy of the University of Peradeniya

5. Policy on Assessment and Award of Qualifications

6. Policy on Requirement to Align with National Policies and Frameworks

7. Policy on Students with Disabilities (SWDs)

8. Policy on Conflict of Interest

9. Policy on Curriculum Planning, Development and Revision

10. Policy on Quality Assurance

11. Policy of Internationalization at University of Peradeniya

12. Policy on Research, Invention, Innovation, Development and Commercialization

13. The Community Engagement and Interaction Policy

14. Policy on Curbing Ragging

15. Policy on Teaching and Learning

16. Policy on Online Teaching, Learning and Assessment

17. Policy on Postgraduate Studies and Research

18. Policy on Credit Transfer

19. Policy on Human Resource Management and Development

20. Policy on Distance Education

21. Policy on Financial Management

22. Policy on Student Engagement in Quality Assurance

23. Privacy Policy of University of Peradeniya