Registrar (Act.) :
Mr. EMGMB. Ekanayake

+9481 238 7395
+9481 239 2302

+9481 238 8812


Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar is the Liaison Office in the central administration of the university system. The Registrar is not only the custodian of the University property, and records but also the ex-officio secretary of the council, the Governing Authority of the University. The general administration of the University comes under the purview of the Registrar. Therefore, the Office of the Registrar liaises with other Departments/ Divisions in the University in organizing various meetings of the standing committees which are presided over by the Registrar. As for administrative functions, he makes appointments with various individuals/experts from institutes outside the University and performs other routine functions.

There are nine divisions in the general administration and ten service divisions that come under the direct purview of the Registrar. The University of Peradeniya, being a residential university located in a vast area, the planning, development, and maintenance of services provided by these Service Divisions are extremely complex. These activities are monitored by the office of the registrar.

It also coordinates with all these Divisions – via communication with relevant heads of divisions by providing various instructions and guidance from time to time to ensure the smooth functioning of the entire University. In addition, it also works in close collaboration with the office of the vice-chancellor as the registrar functions under the direction and control of the vice-chancellor. The directions given by the vice-chancellor with regard to general administration are usually channeled through the registrar. With regard to the implementation of activities on the directions of the vice-chancellor, the office of the registrar liaises with the administrative and service divisions communicating relevant information and directions to them.

Although the administration of faculties comes under the purview of the deans of faculties, some of the administrative functions are linked with the registrar. Hence, the office of the registrar functions as the central administration office of the entire university. It also functions as the central authority where matters pertaining to non-academic staff are concerned.