Research, Funds Publication & self-Financing Activities

MW.A.N.C. Wijesinghe
Deputy Bursar
071 4273429


  • Handling all financial matters related to the Foreign Funded Projects.
  • Coordination of all Self Financing Activities (SFAs) carried out by Faculties and Centres of the University and distribution of funds allocated to Development Votes.
  • Distribution of funds allocated in the annual budget of the university under ‘’ Strengthening Research” among the Faculties.
  • Handling all financial matters related to multidisciplinary research grants awarded by the University Research council.
  • Handling all financial matters related to UGC grants for Lecturer (Probationary) and NCAS grants.
  • Distribution of Income derived from the investment of Bond Violation Funds among the Faculties.
  • Financial activities (other than Procurement) related to University approved publications

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Staff Members

  • D.P.G.S.G.Kulathilake (Management Assistant)
  • J.A.A.D. Piyathilaka (Management Assistant)
  • W.G.P.A.K. Wattegedara (Management Assistant)