Research & Innovations

Research is an integral part of the work of almost all Faculties of this University. Many of the staff members have earned international repute for research excellence. Greater emphasis is placed on collaborative research.

The University provides substantial funding for procurement of equipment needed for research. These will facilitate researchers to utilize advanced research approaches and publish their research findings in recognized journals including SCI (Science Citation Index) journals which would enhance reputation of the University in the global research arena.

Some research activities directly relevant to national development are,
  • Development of custom-made prostheses for orthopaedic transplants

  • Production of dye-sensitized solar cells and solar panels

  • Proteomic & Transcryptomics profile/analysis of Indo–Sri Lanka haemotoxic snakes Implications in development of effective, safe and feasible antivenin

  • Toxicology, snakebites, toxinology and tropical infections in the country

  • Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown etiology (CKDu)

  • Development of antimicrobial natural products

  • Dengue virus infection and vector control

  • Wildlife and Human Health

  • Postharvest handling offresh horticultural produce and disease control

  • Utilization of environmental pollutants and biomassbyproducts for the production of bio-fuels and industrial chemicals using heterogeneous nanocatalysts

Services offered by the University
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and EDX analysis

  • DNA sequencing

  • Chemical and microbiological testing of water

  • Ethylene analysis in gas samples

  • Microtome tissue sectioning

  • Plant disease diagnosis

  • Solutions to postharvest handling, storage and disease problems in fresh produce.

  • Identification and documentation of higher plants, lower plants, bacteria and fungi.

  • Invertebrate systematics and diversity facility

  • Clinical/special services in neurophysiology, neurorehabilitation, cardiac and diabetic care, respiratory investigations, imaging and radiology services, Nuclear Medicine, nephrology and transplant, Tropical Medicine, Vascular Surgery, Urological Surgery, Biochemical, Microbiological, Pathological and Molecular investigations and Intensive Care Medicine