Career Guidance and Counselling Unit (CGSU)

    The main aim of the university's career guidance and counselling programs is to help students make more informed and better educational and career choices. Among other things, CGSU offers information on professional courses available to students, career options, types of academic and personal development & occupational training needed to succeed in the workplace, and job opportunities that are associated with the student's field of interest. The CGSU recognizes that a fresh graduate could become successful in this competitive world by setting proper career goals and making career plans from the first year in university which requires strategic thinking on the part of the young student which is only possible by making informed choices, preferably guided by professionals.

      The CGSU also supports the fresh graduate with advice on how to prepare for facing interviews, developing effective CVs and cover letters, facing aptitude tests and seeking admissions to post graduate educational establishments. The unit provides students with job placement information and facilitates industrial training/ internship opportunities.

The CGSU is located at the Student Centre (next to WUS Cafeteria)

For more information Director : Phone +94 81 2392013