Stores Management Section

Mr. A.I. Samarahewa
Deputy Bursar


  • Main Functions:
(I). Tracking Inventory and monitor inventory levels
(II). Manage locations and plan storage
(III). oversee the order processing
(IV). Labour Management
(V). Providing managerial information
(VI). Increases Productivity
(VII). Plan and manage inventory counts
  • The service provided
Delivery of authentic products to the consumers at the right time.
  • Whom the services are provided to?
To all the Departments/Divisions/Sections/ Units/ Centers of the University.

Application forms/ Information

  • Include all forms and instructions as separate files.
  • If electronic files are not yet developed at least list out the forms/documents.
    • Stores Requisition Note-SRN
    • Goods Received Note-GRN
    • Goods Issue Note-GIN
    • Goods ReturnNote
    • Goods Transfer Form
    • Goods Acceptance Report

Staff Members

  • Mr. E. G. W. H.Bandara   -Store Keeper
  • Mr. R.T .S.Jayawantha – Store Keeper
  • Mr. H. H. G. J.Hendurugoda – Store Keeper
  • Mr. C .W.M. S.Chandrasekara- Store Keeper
  • Ms. S .M. N .D.Sakalasooriya- Store Keeper
  • Mr. R .D.A .P. D. P.Darmasena- Store Keeper
  • Mr. D.M.A. Dissanayake- Store Keeper
  • Mr. E .G.P. K. C. Weerasinghe      – Storeman
  • Mr. U. D. Ranjith Wejesooriya- Storeman