Student Accommodation

The University has the capacity to provide residential facilities only up to 55% of the student population. There are Fifteen Halls of Residence and two Bhikku Hostels in the University. In addition, the hostel at the Agriculture Sub-Campus at Mahailluppallama provides accommodation to the first year Agriculture students who follow practical classes for a period of six months. This Sub-Campus is located about 130 km north of Peradeniya. Presently Student Services Branch faces difficulties in providing hostel facilities to all eligible students due to lack of appropriate resources.

The day to day administration of the halls of residences is the responsibility of a full-time sub warden who is under the Warden–a senior academic in University service. The full-time sub-warden who is also a graduate assisted by a senior academic sub-warden and several academic sub-wardens appointed on the basis of the number of students living in the facility. The responsibilities of Part-time Wardens in Halls of Residence include the overall management of the Halls, maintenance of discipline, and overseeing the welfare facilities provided to resident students and staff.

The Halls of Residence consist of study-bedrooms which are shared by the students. Student Services Branch does its best to mix the students from all Faculties to create and maintain inter-faculty interaction. The University charges Rs. 750/- for an academic year from residential students as rent. Meals are available at hall canteens and in the cafeterias located in the University Premises where food is provided by private caterers at prices fixed by the University.

Students are expected to leave the Halls of Residence during vacations. However, those who have examinations/clinical work are provided with vacation residence during the year.