Capital Works Division

Mr. S . Wickramasinghe
Acting Director


  • Student Allocation (Registered) of Halls of Residence
  • Ordering and distributing the furniture and other goods requirements of Halls
  • Coordinating process of hall maintenance

Student accommodation division is the section of the university which provides a comprehensive service to the students in managing the available residential allocation among the halls of residence of the university efficiently and effectively.

The objectives of the section:

  • Keeping accurate and transparent records with regard to the information of residential requirements of the students and their allocation process in order to distribute facilities of accommodation among the students.
  • Specially providing facilities of accommodation for differently able students with giving priority to them.
  • Assuring a transparent policy with the intention of providing facilities of accommodation to the underprivileged with priority where appropriate.
  • Supporting, working and cooperating with the administration of each and every halls of residence with the expectation of enhancing the standards of residential environment of the students.
  • Attempting, with the mutual support and understanding of the administration of the halls of residence, in developing an environment and ideology with moral and democratic values among the residential students in pursuit of avoiding any form of physical harassments and violence which are in tendency to occur within the system of residential halls.
  • Efficiently acting as a coordinator together with administration of halls of residence, department of Financial Administration, Health Center, Department of Physical Education and the other sections of the University-for the purpose of purchasing items to the halls of residence and fulfilling the other requirements of the residential students of the halls

Policy of Accommodation:
Due to the scarcity of the resources, the facilities of accommodation are provided with students on the basis of distance of 40 km( This may be changed periodically) to the university from the residence.

Priority given to the following students when the facilities of accommodation are provided with.

  • Captains and vice- captains of the university sports teams
  • Differently able students.

Application forms/ Information

  • All the forms relevant to the Hall Allocation.
  • First year/Final Year Applications
  • Rules & Regulations /Declaration Forms
  • Hostel policy

Staff Members

  • Mr. D K N Piyasiri                  -Staff Assistnat
  • Ms. W G D S Yalingasinghe- Technical Officer
  • Mr. A B Herath                      -Management Asst.
  • Ms. D M H R P Dissanayake- Management Asst.
  • Ms. M A U P Perera              -Management Asst.
  • Mr. R M R P Bowala             -Works Aid
  • Ms. N A K Madhushnai        -Works Aid