Student Counseling and Discipline

The University maintains a student counseling service to assist and guide students who have problems pertaining to academic, social and personal matters. This service consists of academic experts who have very good knowledge in counseling and other social problems. Senior Student Counselors are nominated annually by the respective Faculties.

All Senior Student Counselors meet once a month and this meeting is presided over by the Chairman of Senior Student Counselors who is elected by the membership.

The Board of Discipline and Residence (BRD) and the Proctor’s Office reporting to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor are directly responsible maintaining student discipline. The Proctor is assisted by nine Deputy Proctors (one for each Faculty) and the Marshal’s Division headed by Chief Marshal. Similar to Student Counselors, Proctor and Deputy Proctors are appointed annually by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Deans of Faculties.