Student Services Division

Ms. C.K.K. Ratnayake


What are the main functions? 
    • Providing assistance and services to undergraduate students of the University

The Services Provided?

    • Coordination of Mahapola Scholarship payments
    • Processing and payment of Bursaries to the Students
    • Coordination, processing of scholarships and studentships for needy students
    • Coordination of awarding Gold Medals, Prizes, and Scholarships for students at the Convocation
    • Coordination of awarding scholarships, prizes, and medals for meritorious performance of students of all Faculties at their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and final years
    • Annual registration and renewal of Student Societies of the University.
    • Issuing concessional season tickets for undergraduates for buses and trains
    • Providing accommodation for temporary academic staff members
    • Provide assistance for the appointment of the Warden, the Sub-warden, the Senior Academic Sub-warden, and the Academic Sub-warden
    • Coordination of procedures for granting permission for events, field trips, explorations, and other academic and cultural activities with student participation
    • Assist in the process of appointments for the Proctor, Deputy Proctors, and Senior Student Counsellor on a yearly basis
    • Coordination for the appointment of the Arts Council of the University
    • Handling all proceedings of the Arts Council and the Assistant Registrar is the General Secretary of the Council by the Constitution
    • Organization of the Annual Drama Festival of the University
    • Convening/coordinating the meetings of the Career Guidance Advisory Committee and the Assistant Registrar is the Secretary of the Advisory Committee
    • Coordination work for the Director, Student Support Services and Welfare Systems, and implementing the decisions of the Advisory Board of the SSS & WS as Assistant Registrar/Student Services is the Secretary to the Advisory Board.
    • Coordinate and process the election of the student unions of the faculties and of the Peradeniya University Student Union.
    • Coordinating and assisting the Needy Student Programs of the CGU, Alumni, and other Well-Wishers directed by the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Additionally, on advice and directive from the Vice-chancellor and Deputy Vice-chancellor, this Division coordinates and convenes the following meetings and follows up and conveys decisions made by the Committees to relevant parties.

    • Student Support System and Welfare Advisory Committee
    • Career Guidance Advisory Committee
    • Arts Council
    • Scholarships Sub-Committee (Senate Sub-Committee)
    • COVID-19 Management Committee
    • Rag Prevention Committee
    • Wardens and Sub-Wardens Committee
    • Proctor and Deputy Proctors Committee
    • Senior Student Counsellors Committee
    • Peradeniya University Student Union (PSU) meetings and other meetings of students

Whom the services are provided?

    • Mainly for the entire student community of the University and academic staff.

Application forms/ Information

Staff Members

  • Mr. P.B. Doratiyawa – Senior Staff MA
  • Mrs. U.V.I.N. Rajakaruna – Senior Staff MA (Steno)
  • Mrs. S.M.S.S. Senanayake – MA Grade II
  • Mrs. K.R.N. de Silva – MA Grade II
  • Mr. S.M. Siraj – MA Grade III
  • Mrs. C.M.H.K.K. Chandrasekera – Grade III
  • Mr. K.O.D. Priyadharshana – Work Aid