Student Accommodation Division

The Accommodaton Division is a part of the University of Peradeniya. It provides a comprehensive service to all the students of the University by administering and allocating 19 hostels in the University, with the aim of supporting the student experience by providing efficient and effective accommodation services and facilities.
Providing residential facilities for Undergraduate Students and recovering hostel fees and fines for damages from accommodated students are the main responsibilities of this division within the University of Peradeniya.

Our objective is to support students in the following ways:

  1. By providing accurate information and advice regarding the accommodation application/allocation process
  2. By recognizing applicants as individuals with their own requirements at all times.               (Ex. Disability students)
  3. By allocating students into halls with the aim of providing balanced effective communities
  4. By providing hostel facilities for low income family members  where appropriate
  5. Efficiently and effectively respond to student issues and concerns
  6. Liaise/mediate/co-ordinate with other University departments to provide optimum support to residents.
  7. By Seeking  students’ opinion, analyze trends and recommend developments to the facilities and services provided to students.
  8. By supervising and helping to maintain  the standards of food hygiene and sanitary services provided at the  halls of residence.

Our Student Accommodation Policy:

University hostel facilities are provided on the basis of distance from the residence of the Students. Accordingly.

  1. For 1st year students                             -over 50km
  2. For 2nd year students                            - over 40km

On the basis of vacancies existing  in the  halls during the academic year.

  1. For 3rd year students                            - Over 30km
  2. For 4th year students                            - Over 20km
  3. For 5th year students                            - All students


  • We Also provide residential facilities for Captains and Vice Captains of Sports Teams.
  • Differently abled students.
  • On medical grounds if recommended by the University Chief Medical Officer.
  • Students who are facing dire financial difficulties, On the recommendations of the GS and AGA , Director Student Accommodation, Vice Chancellor or Deputy Vice Chancellor.

The University of Peradeniya aims to provide residential facilities to all its undergraduate students in the future. Unfortunately at this moment,  it is limited to about 65% of the student population.There are nineteen halls of residence in the University

Achievements :

  • We were able to open three new halls of residence in 2015, named Ediriweera Sarachchandra , Gunapala Malalasekara and Senaka Bibile.
  • Fulfiled all the requirements of Ediriweera Sarachchandra Hall and accommodation already provided to students.
  • The Gunapala Malalasekara hostel has already been furnished for accommodation.
  • Completed the construction works of Mahailluppallama hostel and Sarasavi Uyana Hostel.
  • We were able to accommodate all the relevant students according to the guidlines of the Accommodation Policy.

Future Plans :

  • We are in the planning to furnish the newly constructed Sarasavi Uyana, Senaka Bibile and Mahailluppallama hostels to accommodate students very soon.
  • Hoping to build another couple of hostels to achieve the target of providing accommodation to all the students in the future..


No Halls of Residence Actual Capacity Bikku Male Female Total
1 Arunachalam Hall    
2 Akbar Nell Hall    
3 Jayathilake Hall    
4 Marrs Hall    
5 Marcus Fernando Hall    
6 New Akbar Hall    
7 Sarasaviuyana Hall    
8 Hindagala Hall    
9 James Peris Hall    
10 Ramanathan Hall & Cluster Hall    
11 Sangamitta Hall & Cluster Hostel    
12 Hilda Obeysekara Hall    
13 Wijewardana Hall    
14 Ivor Jennings Hall    
15 Sangaramaya & Kehelpannala  Bikku Hostel  
17 Mahailuppallama Hall      
18 Ediriweera Sarachchandra Hall      

Obtaining Residential Facilities Application
Application for Residential Facilities English Sinhala
Application for Hall Accommodation - Students English Sinhala