Telephone Directory

Within Kandy area: add 239 before the extension number

Outside Kandy area: add 081-239 before the extension number

Internationally: add +94 81 239 before the extension number

General - Extension List

Operator (from extensions 2000 -2299) ( C )2000 -2299
Operator (from Other extensions)2000, 2001
Director/OTS Office2326
Marshals Office 2423
O.I.C. Telephone Exchange2015
Career Guidance Unit/Student Counsellor`s Office2013
Student Union Office2061
Landscape Department2032
Sub Exchange External Examinations Branch2209
Physical Education Department (Gymnasium)2164
Buddhist Viharaya (Shanthawimala Rev. B)2111
Anglican Church (Dissanayake Fr. DMKS)081-2388294
Catholic Chaplancy (Perera Fr. C)081-2388292
Hindu Temple (Sharma V)081-2388139
Child Care Center5850
Faculty Club2186
Eksath Sevaka Sangamaya2132
Department of Geology/General2011
IT Center2070
HETC Project2323

Health Center

Chief Medical Officer (Samarakkody Dr. PMA)2024
Direct Line081-2388152
Medical Officer2028
Office/ Lab2022
P.H.I./ Supervisors 2023
Female Wards/ Pharmacy2026

Landscape Division†

Curator Gr. I/ (Palipana Mr. DMSKWB)2034
Curator Gr. II/ (Ananda Mr. WN)2030

Physical Education Department (Gymnasiam)

Director/Physical Education ( Kumara Mr. MDP)2164
Swimming Pool reservation section /Gymnasium/Grounds (Herath Mr. HMNB)2163