Telephone Directory

Within Kandy area: add 239 before the extension number

Outside Kandy area: add 081-239 before the extension number

Internationally: add +94 81 239 before the extension number

Postgraduate Institute of Science - Extension List

Postgraduate Institute of Science


DL: 081-2387218 Fax 081-2389026 RES: 081-2384365 (Hulugalla Ms. WMDPM)4782
Senior Assistant Registrar4783
Senior Assistant Bursar4787
Secretary to Director (Bandara Dr. NC)4784
Programme Coordinator4796
Accounts Branch4254
Audio Visual Technical Officer / Priyalanka Mr. N4687
Computer Unit4795
Driversí Room 4255
Electronic Engineer /Amarasinghe Mr. AN 4252
GIS Lab4793
GIS and RS Computer Laboratory4251
New Computer Lab4790
Peonsí Room 4791
Procument / Student Arrairs4786
Scientific Officer / Wimalasinghe Mr.C 4788
Student Affairs / Wajirapani Ms. MHMI4798