Telephone Directory

Within Kandy area: add 239 before the extension number

Outside Kandy area: add 081-239 before the extension number

Internationally: add +94 81 239 before the extension number

Security Department - Extension List

Security Department
Deputy Chief Security Officer/ (Rathnayake Mr RMD)2134
Security Officer2226
Security Officer Inspector2240
Security Office2133
Security/ Agriculture Faculty 5816
Security/ Engineering Faculty3333
Security/ Medical Faculty2057
Security/ Medical Faculty6565
Security/ Dental Faculty (A Building)7507
Security/ Dental Faculty(B Building)7506
Security/ Science Faculty4444
Security/Agri., Vet. Main Entrance5816
No. 1 check point2311
Senate Check Point/New Building2312
Senate Check Point/Old Building2310
Security/ PGIA/ Agric. Econ.5512
Lodge Check Point2063
Vet. Clinical Check Point5921
Main Library security point2476