Interview carried out by Prof. Yuansong Wei and for the nominated students for the CAS Scholarships from University of Peradeniya

22 March 2018

Prof. Yuansong Wei, Associate Prof. Binhui Tian and Associate Prof. Hao Chen, Research Centre for Eco- Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences visited University of Peradeniya, in order to carry out an interview for the nominated students from University of Peradeniya for the CAS-TWAS President's Fellowship Program for Master Programs in Environmental Science and Technology.

Accordingly, nominated two students from Faculty of Agriculture, One student from Faculty of Engineering and two students from Faculty of Science confronted the interview at the International Affairs Office. They were thoroughly interviewed by the visited delegation from the CAS and the students were provided with the knowledge in relation to the applications, study areas, selection of the supervisors and all the other required matters of the scholarship.

Consequently, the students were able to proceed with the rest of the affairs. The decision of the CAS regarding the interviews and the offering of scholarships is in progress and would be notified to UoP shortly.