A Talk on Study and Research Opportunities in China

10 January 2018

Prof. Weiqiang Wang and Prof. Luyang Duan, Sri Lanka Joint Centre for Education and Research (CSL- CER) delivered a talk, in order to promote the study programs and scholarships in China. The talk was conducted on 10 January 2018 at the Senate Room, UoP and organized by the International Affairs Office, UoP.

At the talk, presentations were carried out to elaborate the details of Degree, Master, and Doctoral Courses for the awareness of the students. Also, the details on the potential research collaborations were discussed for the staff of the UoP. Miss. Thushani Sulekha, Lecturer, Faculty of Agriculture, who studied at the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology also took part in the program and delivered further study details for the assembly.

An approximate crowd consists of 25 students and staff of UoP took part in the program and Director, International Affairs Office represented the occasion on behalf of the UoP.