On its way of achieving the concept of internationalization of the University, UoP has considered internationalization as an extremely relevant key component of the changing landscape of higher education, with global visibility of an institution. And it is it is further sustained through the providing grants of the IAO, UoP. The intention behind providing grants would be to improve, expand and implement the international collaborations, particularly via the research activities and research exchanges.

  • Maximum amount: Rs. 100,000.00
  • The amount covers: Accommodation and local travel for research

Objective of the visit and expected outcome during the stay and after the visit of foreign scholar (Not dual citizens).

Applications will be reviewed by the Faculty Research Committee / Dean/ Faculty Coordinator

Priority will be given:

  • To initiate joint research projects
  • To foreign scholars who are acting as an external supervisor(s) of M.Phil/ Ph.D student in UoP
  • To foreign scholars who can host UoP M.Phil/ Ph.D students to complete their research component in guest’s institution
  • To initiate Staff/Student exchange programme through external funding

  1. The candidates must have a doctorate degree with minimum five years of working experience. If candidate does not satisfy above qualifications, Dean of the respective Faculty must approve the request and should provide valid reasons to approve it.
  2. Collaboration by the applicant (from UoP) and candidate (foreign researcher) will contribute to advancement of scientific research in UoP and Sri Lanka.
  3. As much as possible, selection will be carried out without preference to the candidate’s nationality, or field of specialization.
  4. The applicant and candidate must have established contact in advance and created concrete research activities. The activities must be submitted with the application.
  5. If foreign scholar uses the grant for research related travelling activities (collect data etc.) it should be mentioned clearly and local counterpart should get necessary approvals including ethical approvals prior to applying.
  6. After completing his/ her visit, the inviting candidate in UoP must submit a short report to the International Affairs Office, UoP.

Please note that all transactions must adhere to University Financial Regulations

( The above guidlines may be revised without notice at any given time, by the Board of Management of International Affairs Office).

IAO funds will only be allocated for accommodation and local transportation

Completed applications should reach IAO at least 7 days before the Meeting of the Board of Management

Calendar Dates for the Board of Management

  • Evaluate the application by the Board of Management and decide the amount of the grant. / BoM Dates
  • Forward the details of the approved grant for the next Finance Committee Approval./ FC Dates
  • Notify the grantee the details of approval details.
  • Once the grant is utilized, final report should be submitted to the IAO along with bills and relevant approvals/ Template of the Grant Report
  • Forward the bills to University Account branch for the payments.

If you need money prior to the event, please send us a completed cash advance request, once the grant is approved by all the relevant committees/ Cash Advance Request Form

Visiting Scholar Grant Application