Asian Economic Symposium

The International Joint Symposium of Japan, Korea and China was launched in the year 1990 at Saga University. Until 2012, the Faculty of Economics of Saga University, Chonnam University of Korea and the Academy of Social Sciences in China took turns to host the Symposium annually. In 2012, Kasesart University of Thailand joined the coalition, which also solemnized the revision of the title of the Symposium as the East Asian Economic Symposium.

This endeavour continues to fulfil two major objectives: Promoting Collaborative Research and International Exchange.

The Programme, which had humble beginnings with the participation of only three countries has expanded its horizons to attract the support and cooperation of a number of countries and institutes around the globe such as:

  • Kongen University in Thailand
  • Nanjing University of China
  • Universities of Peradeniya and Sri Jayawardanapura in Sri Lanka
  • Monash University in Australia
  • Auckland University and AgResearchin New Zealand
  • Japanese Research Centre of Stockholm, Sweden
  • Hasanuddin University and Muhamadiya University of Indonesia
  • Vietnam National University
  • Charles University of the Czech Republic
  • JA Saga
  • Department of Labour, Chamber of Commerce, Saga
  • Saga Bank
  • Kurume University
  • Hiroshima University
  • Kyushu International University
  • Ehime University of Japan

The East Asian Economic Symposium is a beacon that stands out from other similar programmes because it is not limited to a small circle of academics, but open to the public. Every year, the forum opened in one of the four host countries unfolding on a theme that focused on a socio-economic issue caused by globalization in Asia. The Symposium has also conducted the programmes on internationally significant issues and has received overwhelming responses from throngs of people.

The forum became a platform to researchers and experts in the field of Economics to present their research work related to the regional interests and development in to the future world. Mustering them all annually under one roof aims to achieve international exchange rooted in mutual understanding and international academic collaboration. It is believed that continuing collaborative research activities with overseas countries would contribute to build a plentiful region with strength and confidence to fend off common problems.

University of Peradeniya, having participated in many symposiums over the years, received the honour to become the newest member of the “Japan- Korea- China- Thailand Joint Symposium” in 2015.

This year, the University of Peradeniya is proud to welcome all the partners to the 26th Asian Economic Symposium which will be held in Peradeniya in August, 2016.

The symposium will be open to discussion under the theme: Emerging Asia: Opportunities & Challenges for Inclusive Growth.