Organize National/ International Research Conferences and Seminars in University of Peradeniya
  1. International conference, up to Rs.500,000.00
  2. University-Industry related conference to promote research activities, up to Rs. 300,000.00
  3. Workshops with foreign resource persons , up to Rs. 200,000.00
  1. Kindly send the completed application form to apply for the grants.
  2. Ensure that the application has been recommended and forwarded by the Head of Department and the Dean of Faculty or by the Director of the Post Graduate Institute.
  3. Please provide a complete budget of the event.
  4. Attach relevant documents detailing the budgetary items requested from InRC. (Please attach CV’s of resource persons, itineraries, quotations, etc.)
  5. Please mention any other contribution(s)/sponsorship(s) that have been obtained from other sources.( Please attach relevent documents).
  6. We encorage InRC funds to be allocated to print conference proceedings.
  7. Air tickets, accommodations and local transport may be provided for resource persons such as conference chair, session chair or keynote speakers. Under no circumstance will funds be allocated to other presenters.
Evaluation will be based on
  1. Outcome of the event.
  2. Number of International and National participants.
  3. Number of full papers/abstracts/oral and poster presentations of the event.

Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Management of the International Research Centre their decision will be concidered final.
InRC must be properly acknowledged.

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( The above guidlines may be revised without notice at any given time, by the Board of Management of InRC )