FAQ Grants
Who performs the evaluation of applications?

The final evaluation of applications is performed by the Board of Management of the International Research Centre.

Who does the Board of Management consist of?

The Board of Management is chaired by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya and consists of the Deputy Vice Chancellor, The Deans of Faculty, The Registrar, The Bursar and the Director of the International Research Centre.

What are the deadlines for the submission of applications?

The completed applications should reach the InRC at least 10 days before the Board of Management Meetings

How will I be able to track the progress of my submitted application?

You will be notified by email at the following stages,

  • Acceptance/Decline of Application
  • Completion of preparation of payment.
You can also track the status of your application by emailing projectmanager_inrc@yahoo.com

How do I collect my grant?

Once you are notified, the cheque can be collected from Research Division, The Bursars Office, Senate Building. Kindly ensure that you bring a 25/- stamp when you come to collect your Grant.