Talk on Statistical Consulting
2017 December 29
Visit to Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China by Director
2017 December 19
A discussion on ERASMUS MUNDAS Research and Exchange Programs
2017 December 11
TranzFiesta- Romanian Folk Music and Dance Festival
2017 December 07
Delegation from the Huaqiao University, China
2017 December 07
Pera Unplugged Encore - 2017
2017 November 19-20
Meeting with National Science Foundation
2017 November 14
President’s Awards for Scientific Publication
2017 November 06
Recent Developments and Applications of SEM
2017 October 31
Musical Meeting Space at University of Visual and Performing Arts
2017 October 13-15
Delegation from SAO
2017 September 28
Establishment of Sophisticated Weather Station
2017 September 27
28th International Symposium on Transport Phenomena-2017
2017 September 22
Student Exchange Program Coordinated by Prof. N.S. Cooray at University of Peradeniya
2017 September 04
Student Exchange Program of University of the Sacred Heart, Japan
2017 September 01
Student Exchange Program of Tokyo Institute of Technology and University of Peradeniya-2017
2017 August 21
A Workshop on Drafting and Prosecution
2017 August 16
Exchange Programme with University of Brescia, Italy
2017 July 28
Introductory Seminar on UGC Sri Lanka-International University of Japan PhD/Masters Prorgamme
2017 July 27
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of The New Office of The International Research Centre (InRC)
2017 July 17
Workshop on Developing Research Publications
2017 June 9
Workshop on Higher Degree Opportunities at Australian National University (ANU)
2017 June 5
Delegation from Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), China
2017 May 26
Delegation from the University of West Scotland (UWS)
2017 May 17
Delegation from Huaqiao University (HQU), China
2017 April 25
Delegation from Meijo University, Japan
2017 March 30
Delegation from The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
2017 March 27
Tokyo Tech University and University of Peradeniya Research Project
2017 March 19
Delegation from Transilvania University of Brasov
2017 March 17
Delegation from University of Brescia, Italy
2017 March 16
Workshop on BioDanza for Stress Management
2017 March 14
Workshop on ‘Research and Postgraduate Opportunities in Germany’
2017 March 8
Student Exchange Programme with Hokkaido University
2017 March 2
Delegation from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2017 February 13
QUT-UoP Collaborative Research Showcase
2017 February 09
A Lecture on “Health Definition Revisited”
2017 January 25
Establishment of the Hokkaido Alumni Association
2017 January 25
Student Exchange Programme with the DePauw University, USA
2017 January 24
Lecture on the ‘Statistical Assessment of Bioequivalence and Biosimilarity’
2017 January 18
Publicizing Research to the General Public
2017 January 17