Environmental Pollution and Chronic Kidney Disease in NCP, Sri Lanka
2013 November 20

A scientific and engineering symposium on ’Environmental Pollution and Chronic Kidney Disease in NCP, Sri Lanka’ was held on the 20th November 2013 at the University of Peradeniya. The sysmposium was organized by the International Research Centre and supported by Engineers Without Borders Sri Lanka, Institute of Fundamental Studies, Sri Lanka Capacity Building Network and Wimalawansa Foundation. The program was attended by over 80 scholars from various research institutions of Sri Lanka.

The Keynote speaker for the event was Prof. Sunil J. Wimalawansa, Professor of Medicine, Endocinology, Physiology and Nutrition from New Jersey, USA. The resource persons included Prof. O.A. Illeperuma (UoP) who spoke on ‘Role of fluoride and its enhancement by aluminium for the chronic kidney disease in the NCP, Sri Lanka’, Prof. Rohana Chandrajith on ‘Geoenvironmental factors related to Chronic Kidney Disease of uncertain aetiology in Sri Lanka’, Prof. A. M. S Dhammika Menike Dissanayake who spoke on ‘Research on Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown origin in Sri Lanka’, Prof. C. B. Dissanayake on , Dr. Tanuja Ariyananda on ‘Clean Drinking Water Source for CKDu Effected Areas through Rain Water Harvesting’, Dr. Chandani Liyanage on ‘Lay Perception and the Community Discourse on CKDu’, Dr. Sujithra Weragoda on ‘Possible Solutions for Mitigating Chronic Kidney Disease due to Unknown Etiology’, Mr. S. Sumanaweera on ‘An Engineering Solution to the CKDu’ and Dr. Nishantha Nanayakara.