Research Magazine

The University of Peradeniya, being a pioneer in setting new frontiers for higher education and research, is pleased to announce its latest initiative _ The University of Peradeniya research magazine. The Magazine which has been christened as the ‘Hantana Vision’ serves to present write ups on cutting edge research that is continuously taking place within the campus and immortalize them in a simple format that will be made available to the general public.

Editorial Board
Editor in Chief
Prof. D.N. Karunaratne -Faculty of Science

Assistant Editor
Dr. L. C. Menikarachchi -Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. Sanjeewa Witharana –Faculty of Engineering

Board Members
Dr. Nanda Gunawardhana -International Research Center
Dr. Suranga P. Kodithuwakku -Faculty of Agriculture
Dr. W.A.P Weerakkody -Faculty of Agriculture
Dr. M.P.S. Mudalige -Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. H.M.D.R. Herath -Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
Dr. V. Edirisinghe -Faculty of Arts
Dr. Ramila Usoof -Faculty of Arts
Dr. J. A. M. S. Jayathilaka -Faculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. R. M. Jayasinghe -Faculty of Dental Sciences
Dr. H. Suraweera -Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Chamindu Deepagoda -Faculty of Engineering
Mr. N. Agilan -Faculty of Management
Ms. V. Jayakumar -Faculty of Management
Dr. Deepthi Edussuriya -Faculty of Medicine
Prof. N.S. Kalupahana -Faculty of Medicine
Dr. S. Malaviarachchi -Faculty of Science
Dr. M. Meegaskumbura -Faculty of Science
Dr. A. Arulkanthan -Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Dr. N.U.A. Jayasena -Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Guidelines and Condition for Articles
Types of Articles
  1. Research Briefs (approx 500 words) on research published in a reputed journal
  2. Research News (approx 300 words) news related to research based achievements
  1. Choose a catchy title for the article.
  2. Prepare the body text in simple language with minimum technical terms. See online journal at :
  3. Please submit the soft copies of your article along with hard copies to your respective Faculty Representative or to the InRC office. Please try to work with the Faculty Representative as much as possible.
  4. Include a minimum of 2-3 photos of high quality (1024 x 768 or larger) - send them separately as JPEG/PNG attachments.
  5. Give the full citation of the publication and the DOI. Very important. No conference papers will be accepted.
  6. Please provide your email address and contact number.
  7. If you need any information or require clarification please contact your respective Faculty Representative or Madushani at the InRC Office (Ext: 2411).
A. Research Briefs (200 – 500 words, 1-3 images)

These are popular science articles summarizing findings from a research study. The title should be descriptive and should generate interest among readers. The title could be in the form of a question. The contents of the article may include details about the author/s including photographs and the key findings of the study in language easily grasped by the general public. It is required to provide 1 to 3 images related to the article. The length is 200 to 500 words.

B. Research Features (1000 – 1500 words, 3 – 6 images)

These are articles summarizing the work of a research group. The title should be short and indicate the area of research. The article should summarize the details of the research group including its members, goals, key findings over the years and what impact it has made to the society in general. It is required to include 3 to 6 images, preferably with a cover image for the article. The length is 1000 to 1500 words.

News (up to 150 words, 1 image)

These are short write-ups about honours received by the staff / students, research grants, visiting scholars, collaborations etc. The length is up to 150 words and can include 1 image.

Issue Archive
We shall be pleased to receive your comments, suggestions and contributions with a view to improving its quality. Correspondence and requests for copies of University of Peradeniya News should be addressed to:
International Research Center
Senate Building
University of Peradeniya
Magazine Email: