InRC Affiliate - International Research Centre, University of Peradeniya

The InRC Affiliate positions of the International Research Centre of University of Peradeniya are intended for excellent researchers who work outside Sri Lanka and are willing to share their knowledge and experience with researchers at UoP. With this Affiliate Programme, the International Research Centre aims at strengthening research at UoP, enabling researchers from abroad to perform part of their research in Sri Lanka, train Sri Lankan researchers and provide the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.

Catergories of affiliation
  1. Visiting Professor
  2. Visiting Scholar
The Persons who can submit nominations for the InRC Affiliate post are:
  • Permanent Staff Members of UoP
  • Members of the Board of Management of the International Research Centre
  • (Candidates for the Visiting Professorship cannot apply themselves.)
Criteria for persons being nominated for the InRC Affiliate

The candidates must be,

  • At the top of their research field, or;
  • Show promise to belong to the top of their field in the near future, or;
  • Be able to contribute in areas that are directly related to achieving InRCs objectives

Time Period

The Affiliate is appointed for a maximum period of one year, starting from the first day of arrival in the University. This period may be extended as per need of the purpose of his appointment.

Activities of InRC Affiliate

Appointed Scholars are expected to engage in:

  1. Joint research projects,
  2. Collaboratively apply for funding and prepare project proposals
  3. Share knowledge with UoP research groups through active interaction, discussions, protocol design, planning experiments, attracting grants, lectures etc.
  4. Conduct workshops especially on grant application processes

Assessment Criteria

Nominated candidates will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. The potential of the proposed candidate to contribute towards the advancement of research in the University of Peradeniya.
  2. The candidate’s contribution to the development of his/her discipline, as evidenced by publications in top journals along with the ‘H’ index, key note addresses, and leadership activities in the scientific community (e.g. institute or program director);
  3. The international recognition of the candidate, as evidenced by memberships of national and international scientific committees and academies/learned societies, editorships of top journals, prizes awarded etc.
  4. The candidate’s capacity to attract talented young researchers, as evidenced by the number and careers of his/her PhD students; and to attract funding as evidenced by important research contracts.

Assessment committee

Board of Management - International Research Centre

Remunerations for Affiliates

Following the decision of the Board of Management, Air Fare and/or Lodging and/or Local Transport for research purposes will be provided

( The above guidlines may be revised without notice at any given time, by the Board of Management of InRC )
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