The International Research Centre of the University of Peradeniya was established with the help of the Ministry of Higher Education under the program ‘Internationalisation of Sri Lankan Universities’ in April 2012. The University of Peradeniya, that hosts eight Faculties, two Postgraduate Institutes, 10 Centres, 73 Departments, and teaches about 11,000 students in the fields of Agriculture, Arts, Dental Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Science, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, and Allied Health Science, provides an excellent platform for multi-disciplinary research. It is the largest government endowment by a higher educational institution in Sri Lanka. The Centre promotes and coordinates research activities of staff members and students while initiating and facilitating international collaborative efforts. The Centre is currently located within the Senate Building of the University.


To aid the University of Peradeniya to be recognised as a fast growing and World-Leading hub for research while providing the Staff and Students of the University with facilitation and resources to enhance their research activities. To propel the University of Peradeniya to an internationally recognised level.


The International Research Centre is dedicated to furthering and promoting research in the country through facilitation of PhD programmes and research by providing the students and staff members with resources, platforms and scholarly exchanges.

Functions of the centre
  1. To promote and help in the Collaboration of Interdisciplinary Research within the University Including the Postgraduate Institutes
  2. To be the grant tracking centre for the University
  3. To promote and coordinate the registration for PhD Programmes of local and international students
  4. To collect and collate all University Research publications
  5. To search for and promote collaboration with Industry in respect to (i) research (ii) patenting and (iii) entrepreneurship.
  6. To promote and coordinate the exchange of international research scholars.
  7. To be the coordinating centre for international research conferences, training programmes, and seminars of the University
  8. To maintain the data base for research activity and publications of the University