Vice Chancellor's Message

ProfM.D. Lamawansa

The University of Peradeniya (UOP) was officially inaugurated in 1952 in its beautiful and picturesque location spanning around 700 hectares. It is the largest and comprehensive residential university in Sri Lanka and it consists of nine different Faculties and four Postgraduate Institutes. The UOP offers a total of 58 degree programmes in addition to its MScs, MPhils and PhDs, etc. The University of Peradeniya confers over 2500 Bachelor’s Degrees and around 500 or more postgraduate degrees on students/graduates annually, in addition to its external degrees. The UOP has a student population of over 12,500 coming from all over the country, from various socio-cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, and fosters social harmony, cultural diversity, equal opportunities and unity.

The prime devotion and dedication of the UOP is to always make a significant contribution to the knowledge sector by producing competent workforce necessary for the country to build the nation. It is with pride I mention that the UOP has always produced world class graduates in different fields of study who are capable of comfortably compete with any other graduates from anywhere in the world. However, in the context of the world, the scenario of higher education is now in a transformational phase, as compared to the past. Sri Lanka is also in a compelling era where existing practices have to be changed and adapted to suit the current requirements, and address futuristic needs and escalating demands of the world. The UOP is always ready to make changes necessary to face the demands of the fast growing and rapidly changing world while preserving its inherent social and cultural values.

Being the best in teaching, research and dissemination of new knowledge and innovations in Sri Lanka, the UOP is now ready to the clamber up the ladder of world class universities to reach and acquire its due position in the international arena. The UOP is fully geared to give its very best to all who enter the University of Peradeniya and hope they will give their best, back to the country towards its development after their graduation. I as the Vice Chancellor, proclaim that I am ready to provide the necessary leadership to achieve the goals and objectives in line with the Vision and Mission of the University of Peradeniya.

Thank you.

Professor M.D. Lamawansa

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